Japan is already the land of the rising sun

Gran Sol, Hondarribia, Euskadi and their pintxos are already in Tokyo with the opening of the first bar that brings to the country of the rising Great Sun the true image of this genuine Basque gastronomic formula, reproducing its bars and the way to feel the experience around to them.
The pintxos, the same ones that we can enjoy in the mythical establishment of Hondarribia, will be present in the emblematic district of Shibuya in a bar that faithfully replicates the philosophy of pintxos, has replicas of the awards and trophies of the Honduran tavern and in the that everything reminds us of Gran Sol.

Nekane Muñoz, manager of Gran Sol de Hondarribia, and Mika Pop, Chef de Cuisine, coincide in pointing out that “our presence in Tokyo is the result of an intense collaboration with Hisashi Imazato, President of World Liquor Importers Inc, to bring to their country the philosophy of the pintxos. It has been a long journey of training, transmission of our knowledge, of the very idea of ​​a pintxos bar…. to materialize what is now a pintxo bar in Shibuya. And we must affirm that we are fully proud of the work carried out by the Hisashi Imazato team and of the fidelity with which Gran Sol has been captured there. We are sure that many successes await us together ”
Gran Sol Tokyo, located inside the Shibuya Miyashita Park business and commerce center, has a bar with the mythical pintxos of the Hondarribia establishment. The “marriage”, the aubergine pintxo, the mini pizza … And in addition, there you can also enjoy the most awarded creations such as Txerribeltz, Mika, False Sushi …. It also has a bar, a terrace area with high tables that takes you from Shibuya to Euskadi and Hondarribia immediately.

Muñoz and Pop emphasize that “we are convinced that it is going to be a success and that a long career awaits us that will keep alive this illusion of bringing Gran Sol to Tokyo. We have not been able to be at the inauguration due to the pandemic, but as soon as possible we will be there to live the experience of our sister establishment ”.

Hisashi Imazato highlighted at the opening in Tokyo that “I have had the opportunity to get to know the Gran Sol in Hondarribia, a wonderful traditional family bar, and from the first visit I found the pintxos unforgettable, without being tied to trends or techniques. The experience that I lived encourages to repeat and to try again…. that is the reason that convinced me to establish this collaboration with Gran Sol within the many pintxo bars that exist in Spain ”.

For the President of World Liquor Importers Inc, it is not just about working and selling pintxos, but above all about “offering this wonderful way of eating, transmitting that culture in Japan and being faithful to its original formula. There is a lot of interest in Japan in Spanish food in general, and pintxos are, in addition to being delicious, gastronomic proposals with attractive presentations ”.