Our bar is in Hondarribia, in the central, lively, and occasionally peaceful calle San Pedro. In Hondarribia, a town in a beautiful natural setting boasting an imposing Old Town, the sea, promenades and many leisure activities for a great time with your friends and family.

Don’t miss a thing in our town. You really have to visit the Old Town, taking in its ancient and peaceful streets, its history, its palaces, etc. Afterwards, pay a visit to the La Marina neighbourhood and you’ll appreciate the contrast with a cluster of bars and restaurants, people strolling by and enjoying their free time… just a short distance away and all within your reach.

But don’t leave it at that, think about a hike in the surrounding countryside, a stroll around the city walls or to the mouth of the River Bidasoa, or some sea-sports. The beach, the marina, fishing, water-sports, boat trips, etc.

Get a feel for our Basque traditions, the trainera boat regattas and its Ama Guadalupekoa, Holy Week and the spirituality of the people here, the txalupa boats, art galleries and cultural life… and so much more to discover.

If you’d like to find out more, here are two interesting links. Information on Hondarribia: