Gastrotoki is Gran Sol’s light-hearted formula. Its restaurant version with a vision of sharing traditional traditional cuisine, that of Manttoni; but also the one that the whole team was impregnated with in their different experiences, wherever they went.
A menu selected to enjoy the flavors that each proposal contains.
Their salad bowls, their toasts and their vegetarian options.
Toasts to share and that space “Gran Sol por el mundo” that brings us mici meats, brioche with subtle flavors, nachos and baths …
Where to find traditional stews, Manttoni dishes like its creamy rice with mushrooms or its cod confit …
Its sweet moments and what the season will bring us, with fresh proposals for local products that will make its menu dynamic and attractive, with the aim that when you come you are at ease with what we are passionate about, cuisine and gastronomy.