Gran Sol Bar.
San Pedro, 65 • 20280 Hondarribia
T. (00 34) 943 642701
OFFICE. Groups
San Pedro, 63 • 20280 Hondarribia
T. (00 34) 943 047324 (Groups)

The bar and restaurant are on a pedestrian street.
The Kai Zaharra car park is just 50 metres away.
GPS coordinates for the Kai Zaharra car park:
GPS N 43º 22′ 5.01″ W 1º 47′ 31.72″

An exceptional bay. An extraordinary natural setting.
The city is in the perfect spot, worth the visit it itself. Along with all this, the promenades, nature, history and the Old Town and above all, THE GASTRONOMY.
The Gran Sol bar and restaurant is in Hondarribia. A particularly charming spot

The Gran Sol bar is in La Marina neighbourhood. This former fisherman’s neighbourhood is now the throbbing heart of the town, the perfect place to kick back in this beautiful Gipuzkoa town.
Its colourful houses, the terraces, the atmosphere in the bars in the pedestrian area at the weekends give it its own special feel.

Calle San Pedro is home to a large proportion of the bars and restaurants in the town. Terraces and restaurants and a melting pot of people coming together around a few pintxos and the local cuisine to meet up, have fun and enjoy their free time.
On Calle San Pedro, in the Gran Sol bar and restaurant, we can offer you the best cuisine on our premises and on the terraces. Enjoyment has a name: Gran Sol.